Thus, these tests rarely produce false-positive results. This is especially important as many other diseases may cause clinical signs similar to those seen with pancreatitis. More recently, a semi-quantitative assay (VetScan cPL rapid test for VetScan vue, abaxis) has been introduced for use in dogs only. While no analytical or clinical validation data has been published so far, the manufacturer claims that the assay will determine the cpli concentration within a window of /- 60 µg/L. A limited validation study however, showed poor linearity, accuracy, and reproducibility of the assay, suggesting that it would not be valuable for clinical evaluation of patients with suspected pancreatitis. For example one sample with a spec cpl of 566 µg/L had two results within the reference interval (109 and 152 µg/L 4 within the questionable range (247, 270, 297, and 392 µg/l and 2 in the diagnostic range for pancreatitis (467 and 477 µg/L).

pancreas waarden no other lipase has been shown to cross-react with these antibodies.8-10 Therefore, spec cpl and fpl are considered to be the most specific diagnostic tests for the exocrine pancreas. Also, measurement of Spec pl is highly sensitive for a diagnosis of pancreatitis in both dogs and cats. In dogs with clinically significant signs of pancreatitis, Spec cPL has been shown to identify the disease with a sensitivity of 82. In dogs with less severe pancreatitis, Spec cPL still showed the highest accuracy among any diagnostic test with a sensitivity.1 In cats, Spec fPL correctly identified patients with pancreatitis with a sensitivity between 54 (subclinical to mild disease) to 100 (moderate to severe. Specificities for Spec cpl and fpl are even higher and have been reported to be between 79 and 100.

Assays for the measurement of medicatie serum lipase activity were commonly used in the past because they were minimally invasive, inexpensive, and did not require special equipment or expertise. Although the exocrine pancreas is afvallen a major source of the serum total lipase activity, it is not the only organ or type of cell that produces, stores, and releases a lipase. Lipase may be released by the stomach (gastric lipase the liver (hepatic lipase endothelium (endothelial lipase and by many other organs and cells. All of these lipases may to some degree contribute to the total lipase activity measured in serum. Thus, assays for the measurement of serum total lipase activity lack specificity for pancreatic lipase. In addition, they are not specifically sensitive for the diagnosis of pancreatitis. Depending on the cutoff value used, total serum lipase activity has been reported to have a sensitivity as low.6 for macroscopic pancreatitis, thus missing up.4 of patients with pancreatitis.1 The sensitivity and specificity naturally changes with different cut-off values. This explains why some studies found higher sensitivities (up to 71) but at the expense of specificity with an increasing number of false-positive results (specificity 43,. 57 of positive results are false-positive).2. Furthermore, renal,3,4 gastrointestinal,5 hepatic, and neoplastic disease,6 as well as steroid administration7 have all been shown to cause increases in total serum lipase activity.

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During pancreatitis, pancreatic lipase is released into the bloodstream and can be used as a diagnostic marker for the disease. Other lipases are released from various other organs, adding to the total serum lipase activity. Pli schema assays (Spec cpl and Spec fPL) specifically measure lipases of pancreatic origin, making them very sensitive and specific for a diagnosis of pancreatitis. Dggr- and triolein based lipase assays measure the total serum lipase activity and thus are unspecific. Conclusion, the measurement of pli concentration by Spec cpl in dogs groenten and by Spec fpl in cats remain superior for the diagnosis of pancreatitis in both dogs and cats. Acute or chronic pancreatitis are now recognized to be common in both dogs and cats, but their diagnosis can be challenging. Various diagnostic tests have been used to confirm a diagnosis of acute and chronic pancreatitis, including the measurement of serum lipase activity, measurement of serum pancreatic lipase immunoreactivity (pli abdominal ultrasound, and histopathology.

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